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May. 26th, 2010


Return to roots

Non Title
Southern Blood © versus Simon Cagero and Alex Taylor


All we hear is the bell ringing constantly as two superstars are brawling on the outside. They don’t seem to be affected by the match decision as the referee desperately tries to pull them apart. After seeing that he has no luck in doing so, he requests that more people get called over to stop the brawl. As they are getting separated, we find out the superstars in question are Simon Cagero and Jason Williams.

Jason looks a whole lot younger as the people with the badges named SWA pull him away by force and drag him up the ramp with him kicking furiously trying to get away. Once that superstar makes it to the locker room area, he sees a very pissed off Eric Herrera sitting on the bench. He was awaiting his arrival and was watching it on the mounted television set in front of him. Jason hangs his head low in shame as Eric stands up and scowls at Jason.

Eric: What the fuck was that about?

Jay shrugs his shoulders and looks up at Eric with a smirk on his face. Eric places his hands on his waist, showing that he has no intentions of joking around on this particular occasion.

Jason: That fucker tried to attack my heritage thinking he could get away with it. He didn’t count on the hillbilly having enough of a fight to take him to his limit. That will teach him to judge based on appearance. Let’s see who gets the last laugh now.

Eric slaps his own forehead and shakes his head in embarrassment. His tone of voice rises slightly as he prepares to speak.

Eric: You don’t get it. You sound like an idiot, dude. How many times did I get ridiculed because of my size and my race? Several times, yet you don’t see me giving everyone a black eye. You fell right into his trap, Jason, and it cost you a very important victory.

Eric looks down on him in a very condescending manner but it still doesn’t make Jason budge an inch. He seems stuck to his initial mission in a very stubborn way, except this one did seem to be affecting him because his record was definitely well below the .500 margin. Jason was buried six feet underground due to his mindset but he remained oblivious to it as is common with youth.

Jason: I don’t care. As long as that fucker realizes that even Southerners are capable of achieving success. I may be a hick, redneck, hillbilly, whatever other fucking name you throw out there. But when it comes down to questioning my integrity, my passion for this business? You better have a stretcher prepared out in the back, son, because I’m not pulling any punches.

Eric shakes his head once ahead and starts walking out of the room. He leans against the door frame and buries his head into his left shoulder.

Eric: That’s exactly why you haven’t won a singles championship, Jason. You allow your instinct speak for you instead of thinking things twice. Take it from me, it’s not worth it. No one appreciates me anymore. I’m a wanderer and I’m happy that way. I don’t care what people classify me as. I was born with nothing and I will die with nothing. I embrace it completely; it’s time for you to do something. Just think about it.

He walks away from the room leaving Jason there with a dumbfounded expression on his face. He starts to say “But...” but Eric has already made his way out of the room. He stops mid sentence and smacks the side of the bench. He instantly yelps and shakes his hand in pain. Was Eric really trying to help him or was he trying to attack Jason like everyone else? It would remain to be seen. For now, Jason had to reflect in time to face Russell Brown the reigning Anarchy Champion once more. With Simon Cagero being a top contender, Jason couldn’t afford another loss.



Jason sits in the living room area with his face aiming towards the television. The television set’s volume is turned up very high but it sure doesn’t seem like Jason is paying attention. His eyes look as if he were lost in another dimension until his brother lands a slap to the side of his face. Jason jerks his head in pain and crashes down to earth as Lance looks pretty worried at his brother. Jason reacts in anger and releases a growl that’s barely audible.

Jason: What the hell did you do that for?

Lance: I called your name what must’ve been fifty times and you weren’t responding. What’s going on, man?

Jason scratches his chin while collecting his thoughts. He lowers his voice and looks at his brother as if he’s curious about something. His brother still doesn’t know what caused that reaction but impatiently waits it out.

Jason: Do you ever find yourself remembering old match results just to find something to learn? And I’m not talking about recent either. I mean matches that happened a long time ago.

There’s a long pause as Lance tries to figure out why his partner is asking that particular question. After a while, he gives up realizing that his brother is that complicated, and actually answers the question.

Lance: Depends on who it is. If it’s someone completely new, no because I like to focus completely. If it’s someone that I’ve faced before, definitely because I don’t believe in being lazy. I’m a fighter first and foremost, that comes with the package.

Jason nods and stands up, walking to the edge of the couch turning his back towards his brother. He lets out a sigh and says the following with a bit of a softer tone.

Jason: Well, I was reminded of the last time me and Simon faced off in that ring. For some reason, Eric’s words from that day haven’t escaped my head. He told me that I was judging a book by its cover rather than going for competition. I really don’t know if things would change that drastically if Simon and I faced off once more. If we went to a double count out when we were focused on attacking each other’s personality, imagine what would happen if we actually knew each other better? It’s like that chat a couple of days ago cleared up a lot of things I didn’t know. Does that make me egotistical?

Lance: Of course not. Life is all about asking questions. It gives us some goals to shoot for. In your case, you have every right to be worried. With his in ring experience, we can’t afford to allow management to cloud our mind. It’s time to leave a lasting impression on someone that has actually earned their stripes.

If there was a record screech, you can bet your ass it would be located here. Jason snaps his neck back and looks at his brother with a confused look on his face.

Jason: Uh, you do know they’re not an actual tag team, right?

Lance releases a hearty laugh and nods his head.

Lance: Of course. What kind of champ would I be otherwise? It doesn’t mean we can’t have a good match. They have the experience. Alex Taylor and Simon Cagero have been wrestling for a fair bit of time. Maybe this match right here could be their chance of proving they belong. If they can co-exist and pass the test, then we finally have a fit set of challengers. If they can’t, then it’s time to look for someone else.

Jason shrugs his shoulders.

Jason: If you put it that way then, yeah, I’m game. Just realize that every message has its fair share of consequences. We’re going to make sure they defeat us by more than just a simple over the top rope elimination. We need to cement these tag team championships and the only way that can happen is by showing true brutality.

Lance: I wouldn’t like it any other way. Let’s do this.

Both brothers chuckle and walk out of the room. They board the pickup truck outside containing several suitcases in the back and speed away from the house.


Later in the day

They pull up into Eric’s driveway and unload the luggage in the back of the car. It’s clear that he’s home because the dark red Dodge Caravan is parked on the side. Both brothers head towards the side entrance to the garage and knock on the door. Eric steps out wearing a pair of cargo shorts, a matching tank top, and a pair of black Nike sandals. His black Nike cap is turned backwards allowing us to see his clean shaven face.

As he looks at who is waiting outside, he jumps back in surprise. Both brothers laugh at the reaction and extend their hand out. Eric joins them in laughter and extends his hand to the inside of his garage office motioning for them to step right in.

Eric: Wow, definitely a good surprise. Haven’t seen Lance come over since the school burned down. How’s things going, bro?

Lance: Alright, we just finished winning the MCW tag team titles. Things are finally looking up for the family once more.

All three brothers bump fists in celebration and grin.

Eric: Fuck yeah, about time. I was starting to get a little worried on if you would ever get that rematch clause.

Jay: Yeah, at least they finally wised up and did what’s good for business. It’s partly why we’re here too.

Eric arches an eyebrow but allows them to explain the situation.

Jay: You see, for a little while, we swerved off the track and went our own separate ways. We decided to pursue singles glory because of Jacob Laymon doing that stupid draft. Now that there’s nothing stopping us, it’s time to return to our roots. We were at our peak when you were with us, Eric. If anyone deserves to celebrate with us it’s our teacher and brother.

Eric looks taken back by the offer as several thoughts circle through his mind at once. The history of the stable flashes through his eyes as he wonders if it’s the right thing to do. Then he shakes it off and then shrugs his shoulders in response.

Eric: Are you sure you want to do this? Because I don’t want to force something if you’re not truly ready for it.

Lance: Totally, we are now both a lot more mature than back then. We now realize that no one else appreciates us in the same way as our own flesh and blood. It’s time to listen to our hearts rather to our peers. It’s time to evolve.

Jason nods in agreement as Eric grins at the statement. He had been preaching that for a long time but they continued to be stubborn. They continued to believe that they were already good and didn’t need guidance. This could be the start of an actual title reign if they continue their actual maturing process.

Eric: In that case, I will definitely accept. It will also give us a reason to get to know each other better once again. The Society of Destruction lives on once again in another form.

Right as he says that last name, both brothers look at him in confusion.

Lance: Does that mean you’re going to wrestle?

Eric laughs and shakes his head right after.

Eric: I’ve already proven everything there is to prove, brothers. It’s time to let go and let you take the reins. I trust you to make the right decision.

They nod and place their hands in the center for a group pile up.

Jay: Now that that’s settled, it’s time to kick some ass. Society of Destruction for life.

They collectively yell “Hell yeah!” as they head towards the kitchen entrance to catch up with the rest of the family.


The Next Day

Both brothers are seen at Stark Field in El Centro, California. Darkness has struck, causing both brothers to be covered in leather jackets along with their usual pair of jeans and plain tee shirts. They are seated on the highest level of bleachers, fourth one, while they look at the large batting cage in front of them. Their eyes don’t seem to notice a camera nearby; it’s as if they really didn’t care. Their tag team championships lay in the middle space with their face plate raised up.

A couple of duffle bags are scattered a level lower where their feet are resting comfortably at the moment. Their leather jackets sway with the force of the wind but it still doesn’t seem to affect them a single bit. Finally, a sigh from the older brother breaks the silence as he continues his gaze towards the front. He shakes his head from side to side and clicks his tongue in a sign of disappointment.

Jay: It seems like people never truly learn. Just this past week, I promised to end the reign of tyranny. That we would restore some much needed prestige to these championships and here Jacob decides to book this match. Both of them haven’t wrestled a tag team match in their lives and they don’t seem to buy into the opportunity handed to them. So, why not do the world a favor and admit your fear of us? Admit to everyone that no matter how many times you try and stop us, that mission will never be completed. You tried to toss your entire tag division at our disposal and got burned. Now, you will be forced to suffer that fate one more time as we dispose of yet another thrown together tag team.

Lance: You know, if you told me this same message a couple of weeks ago, I probably would have told you to shut the fuck up. But several things have changed and have converted me into the vicious fighter I initially was. I was willing to say that this business was about equal opportunity and I would live for the thrill of the fight but recently, there have been decisions that make me question that. Like first, he decides to make us defend the tag team titles against nine other tag teams in our original reign, on the next show no less. Then when I was World Champion, he made me defend against Isaac Reynolds even though the guy did jack shit to earn a shot at me. And now, he decides to make Alex Taylor and Simon Cagero to team together for a tag team championship, keyword being tag team. There’s something fishy going on and I certainly don’t mean Randall Williams’ enormous losing streak.

Both brothers chuckle, lightening the mood for the first time. Jason smirks and rests his hands on his knees, hunching forward slightly in the process.

Jay: But that’s the beautiful thing about this. Unlike Randall, we can focus on what’s really important boys. I don’t really care about honor, respect, or any of that mumbo jumbo. The Society of Destruction is dead along with our old school. There’s a new sheriff in town, that sheriff won’t allow compassion to cost him the tag team championships. I know firsthand what you are capable of, Simon. On February 4, 2009, we wrestled to a double count out all because we allowed our anger to do all the talking. Back then, I decided to judge you based on your personality. I foolishly believed that attacking you for being an emo and a washed up has been would seal the deal. Boy, did I learn something new on that particular day... Not only did you pack a good punch, you also were also one of the few in ring veterans to not try to blow smoke up the people’s collective asses. And that’s something I could respect.

Lance: You see, Simon, you aren’t that far off from the Southern Blood way. You’re a fighter that has never needed nor asked for the fans’ support. You just go out there and do your thing, making sure that priority number one is satisfied. You don’t carry a big chip on your shoulder or waste your time judging others. You just let your personality shine through and fuck what everyone else thinks. We’ve been outcasts of society since day one. But it didn’t stop us from building a school for the less fortunate and making sure that wrestling is cleansed. The first encounter may have been foolish but that doesn’t mean the second has to follow in its footsteps. Southern Blood is looking for competition and if it means the two of you are it? Then I have no problem tangling with a hall of fame inductee like yourself. It would be my honor to wrestle you, Simon, and I say that with the utmost sincerity. You are the epitome of what wrestling should be about. That won’t happen until we remove every possible cancer from this business.

Both brothers walk down from the bleachers and enter the baseball field in front of them. One of them stands at the pitcher’s mound while the other stands at the batter’s box. Both of them look in awe of their surroundings.

Jay: Dreams aren’t restricted by heritage or personality. You and my sensei didn’t necessarily have the size or the stacked up resume, but you made the best of it. When we hung out a couple of days ago, you learned the hard way that I changed, Simon, and I know for a fact you have too. This isn’t about having a chip on my shoulder or about becoming the best. This is all for the spirit of competition. I don’t believe in making things personal if they never were to begin with. Team Excellence tried to make it personal and they paid it with a giant underestimation. I pray you don’t follow in their footsteps, Simon, or else it will be a very long night for both of us. I know we both deserve a better match than that and I intend to make the best of it as well. The long awaited rematch between the most wasted motherfucker on this planet and the professor of pain. It can’t get any better than this. This time, management will be shooting themselves in the foot if they try to fire us. SWA failed and now MCW will reap the rewards, you can count on that much.

Lance: As for me, I never forget my roots. In case Jacob tries to screw us over once more, we got ourselves a bodyguard on the way down here. You see, our teacher is going to join us as we walk down that ramp in our first match as tag team champions. The same teacher you forced to wrestle when he wasn’t a member of the roster. But that’s okay, because most of this younger generation outside of Simon wouldn’t be able to keep up with my sensei’s contributions. Most of these people don’t have the balls to admit that failure isn’t the end of the world. They just let themselves drown in it rather than learn from it. I’m not like that. You see, as a champion I have to show the world the meaning of domination. I have to show them that a backdoor or a weapon isn’t going to be enough. That concussing my opponent is the only way I can cement that we’re worthy of wearing these championships. I am much more critical on my actions and I won’t accept no for answer. I’m sorry, Simon, on any ordinary day I would be completely fine with drinking a couple of beers and joking around with you but on this night, it’s business as it should be. I’m determined to show the world that Southern Blood never truly lost the tag team titles and it’s going to be emphasized right here.

Lance nods to emphasize his point, a scowl accompanying it. Jay on the other hand looks a lot more relaxed and has his hands in his pocket, seemingly not affected by the nearby winds. He seems to be enjoying it completely and takes this as his cue to speak.

Jay: As for the other half, Alex Taylor put on one hell of an effort at Mayhem in a losing effort to Simon Cagero. His athletic ability can’t be disputed, but his mouth is what gets him in trouble over half the time. If only you learned how to be yourself, things would be so much better for you. You see, I don’t particularly like it when someone has to hide behind a mask to be successful, especially when that mask is used as a crutch. Now, I know my teacher has worn one plenty of times but he at least has a reason. He doesn’t wear it as if it was some fashion piece he has to show off to the millions in attendance. He doesn’t sit here blaming innocent people for something he didn’t do. That mask defines who he is outside of these confines and that’s what will eternally separate Simon Cagero and Eric Herrera from yourself. You feel the need to flick on a switch and feed us a giant lie rather than being brutally honest. For that, you don’t deserve an ounce of respect. For that, you deserve to be excommunicated from this sport.

Lance: You see, when I went out there and fought for the World Championship, I did it because of how I was raised. I didn’t go out there and lie to the fans saying I cared about them. They chose to cheer me voluntarily for my actions, but I stayed focused on my goal from day one to make sure Priest pays for his actions. To make sure that he realizes that underestimating me comes with its fair share of consequences. There’s no doubt in my mind that you have talent or else you wouldn’t be here. But it’s another to use that talent for the perfectly good reasons. You haven’t given me any reason to acknowledge you as such. You’re a hypocrite and no one will shed a tear when you finally reap what you sowed. All of those championships mean jack shit to me, Alex, because none of them happened here. Take a look at Simon Cagero and my brother... how many championships have those men worn? Enough to be able to die happy yet you see them still chugging along. Why? Because in the end, material possessions don’t mean a single thing. It’s the person behind the championship that matters and you’re going to realize firsthand that I am going to remove that mask and expose you as a fraud for the entire world to see and you only have yourself to blame.

They walk back towards the fence and shake it with such ferocity that the clashing sound is repeated through portions of the park. People turn around to look at them but they don’t seem to care what their reaction is. They remain locked in to the camera that sits right in front of them.

Jay: This may not be for the tag team titles but that doesn’t mean we’re going to consider it a walk in the park. Once that bell rings on Mayhem, you’re going to receive the monster unleashed. No amount of referees will be enough to tame the insanity from the House of Fun transferred into here. You want to contend for a championship? You better be prepared to pay the ultimate price, because I’m done letting sympathy and compassion stop me from reaching my full potential --- becoming world heavyweight champion. Until then, let’s see what bullshit excuse you both come up with for your inevitable demise.

Lance: And not that’s arrogance, that’s the truth. We don’t need to sugar coat things or hold ourselves back with idiotic standards. All we do is show up to kick ass even if we have to paralyze our opponents to prove our point. At Purgatory, two teams were sent down to hell to meet their maker and Mayhem will be no different. Be ready to come to terms with reality, boys. It just wasn’t meant to be. I dare you to prove us wrong.

Fade to black.

May. 15th, 2010


The Ultimate Sacrifice

Eric Herrera and Dave Brickheart versus Frostbite and Marty Donovan – UCW

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The Ultimate Sacrifice

Everything has a beginning. Nothing lasts forever. For the hardcore messiah, it began in the dangerous streets of Chicago, Illinois. Amidst all the chaos, an already turbulent marriage existed. The constant arguing slowly began to take its toll on this young boy’s brain.
Slowly but surely he started experiencing epileptic seizures. He would spend his first four years of life in and out of hospitals. The parents would continuously pray for his safety. It would seem like their lone connection in this world. That young boy made them forget the fights even if it was for a brief moment.
It left permanent damage on him as he prepared to venture into school. He couldn’t focus on anything, thus his memory would be limited. He would be taken advantage of for that same reason. Several kids would cash in and call him mentally retarded. They would attack him physically knowing that his Catholic upbringing wouldn’t let him lift a finger in defense.
The only moments of solace would be in the weekends with his affectionately named Nana and Tata, Carlos and Elia. They understood his struggle and tried to educate him on self defense. There were two occasions where they tried to teach him karate but his parents wouldn’t allow it. It was at age four that the most tragic event would happen. It would leave him scarred for life.
His father had arrived drunk from work as had been the usual. This caused his mother to argue about how late it was and that she wanted to spend more time together. He overreacted by grabbing his gun and shooting her three times. As the ambulances drew near, Eric cried uncontrollably wondering if he was about to lose his mother permanently.
When she came back, Eric found her confined to a wheelchair. That bastard had paralyzed her and robbed her of every single dream. She didn’t give up though. From a paralyzed state, she went on to take care of three children and even learned how to drive using only her hands. His mother’s experience left him with a bitter taste in his mouth. Twenty years would pass before he ever considered forgiving his father. Even then, it was at his mother’s request.
Regardless of how many apologies were sent his way, the pain would not leave him. To the point that he would convince his mother to legally change his last name from Garcia to Herrera. The hate for his father would become that strong. He would endure several years of mental and physical pain as the years passed by. As if the pain of losing your parents wasn’t enough, he would endure fifteen years of being bullied in each school he would choose to enter.
Through all that torment, there was a light at the end of the tunnel. His name is Randall J. Carson, his teacher for his lone full year of Junior High. That man’s ongoing patience and knowledge helped Eric overcome his mental disabilities. He would be the first person to treat Eric as a human being rather than an experimental rat. The first to take him under his wing and treat him as his son.

Eric often credits his wrestling career to this man. If he wouldn’t have met Randy, Eric would have never shocked his doctors and defeated something that was meant to be permanent. The hardcore messiah is the perennial underdog in life and in the ring. It’s not even halfway done yet. Long live the king… he has shed his blood for all the underclass of America.

They say ignorance is bliss. Your parents repeat that tired bible verse where Jesus says not to worry. They make life seem so damn simple. I never had the chance to ignore it. From the first day I drew breath, it has been filled with pain. They would rather tell me my case has no remedy rather than... I don’t know, doing their job for once?
Sure, several of these “experts” are qualified to tell you you’re a nutcase but how many are willing to help? I don’t need a P.H.D. to know someone has lost their marbles. The P.H.D. is to help them treat it with medicine or counseling. None of them bother to understand why it happened. That includes my mother and wife, two girls that treat me like an experimental rat.
When I arrived home from Modern Warfare, the long survey began. They weren’t willing to support my decision to avenge Sickle’s embarrassing exit. Like the rest of the world, they believed he had it coming. None of them knew Ariel James and chances are no one ever will... The most misunderstood human on this god forsaken planet, bar none.
Vero: I hope you know what you’re doing, Eric.
As Vero utters those words, I can’t help but laugh. That’s the most common mistake people make. They think that just because of my mental disability, I can’t think reasonably. I’m smarter than what half the planet thinks. They don’t give me enough credit.
Eric: Of course, what type of teacher would I be otherwise?
I brush her off but she doesn’t get the hint.
Vero: I mean, Eric. You’re rallying for the return of a lunatic. Your own life may be in danger.
As if I had something left to lose to begin with. After losing my parents, my school, and my own brother, I don’t really give a fuck about anything else. Like Ariel said before his departure... in order for me to be his true disciple, I need to distance myself from unnecessary material possessions. All these distractions aren’t going to help me in any way.
Eric: You don’t seem to get it... this lunatic is completely misunderstood. If you knew half the stuff he has experienced, you would react the same way. I can connect with him based on what has happened so far. My own family doesn’t care about me. You two are the only ones left. Then what? I’m all alone in this world, all because I chose to do things different. All because I refused to follow their blanket full of lies. Not everything is justified in this world, I’ll be damned if that ever changes.
Vero: Justified?! Do you think paralyzing someone on the way out is justified? He almost killed Frostbite in his last match. He did nothing to provoke him!
It’s a shame that people could be so narrow-minded. I would sit here explaining to her every detail of when Frostbite crossed the line but unfortunately it’s not going to sink in. She will continue drinking their Kool-Aid and being a useless distraction. I need to focus in time to rescue that World Championship from his grasp once and for all.
Eric: I’ll let you believe that... soon enough the whole world will know they are counting on a hypocrite. They will finally have a champion they could be proud of. The man they kept casting aside will guide UCW into a new era, mark my words.
Vero: But they shouldn’t be blamed for Carlos and Elia’s deaths. That was nature taking its course. Please don’t do anything unreasonable.
If only she knew the reason for the deaths. I don’t necessarily call it nature dying of cancer. I certainly don’t call it nature to leave them suffering in their last days on this planet. If that’s the case, then nature is one cynical bitch. It’s a crutch that people use to bottle up their feelings.
Eric: I think you’ve been hanging out with mom a little too much. Nature has nothing to do with dying. But if you want to continue living in lies, go right ahead. Convince yourself that it was a fake statue’s will to take her away. I, on the other hand, am a realist and understand that she didn’t deserve to suffer that much.
She tries to speak but I interrupt her knowing what is about to come out.
Eric: Don’t you even dare try to shove your preacher shit down my throat.
She humphs knowing that I caught her in the act. I can’t stand religion ever since those Jehovah’s Witnesses came knocking at my door. If that’s your idea of converting then I want no part of it. Most churches you go to today is like going to an opinion session. No one ever goes by the book anymore. They twist it to mean whatever they want, a useless venture.
Vero: Suit yourself. Just know that there are going to be some heavy consequences in return. Sickle isn’t necessarily a team player. He definitely has that history in each company he works for.
Eric: I wouldn’t expect anything less. This isn’t about working as a team. It’s about making sure that justice is served. Not acknowledging his talent after he decimated your own roster is stupid and hypocritical.
She reluctantly walks away, leaving me alone in the living room. I try to look for something on television, but there’s nothing good on. Instead, I decide to lean back and take a nap taking advantage of the empty room for once.

The scene opens in the familiar garage office, where Eric sits on his secretary style chair. The seat is leaning on the wooden frame of the desk, while Eric faces the pool table in the center. He’s dressed in professional attire as his hands are folded behind his head.
Eric: It’s amusing to see how far our precious “champion” has fallen. At first, he was a respectable guy that wanted nothing more than a fight. All he wanted was to be challenged and to prove the world wrong. Now, he underestimates his competition and makes himself out to be what he hates, a god. Congratulations Frostbite, in a short amount of time you’ve done the same things you accused me of. Who died and made you the judge of who should and shouldn’t be champion? Chances are you don’t even know half of the participants in the darn match! Such a drastic first impression and we’re not even a week later from our last encounter.
He shakes his head from side to side and keeps the smirk plastered on his face.
Eric: Who said Sickle is my lone reason for competing? Absolutely no one. Sure, I want to rescue that championship from being stolen, but that’s not the only reason. I care about this company’s history as well. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard or even competed in UCW. I competed here three years ago when I had just finished winning Cruiserweight of the Year. I got the honor of facing Steve Bishop prior to his rise in this company. We both had a feud crossing three companies at once -- SWAT Caribbean, HDW -- Yes, Brickheart’s company, and UCW when Rage Sadler was in charge. In fact, he was the man that took my Titan Championship and shook my hand right after the match. I was able to shake Lee Williams and Rage’s hand and compete alongside them several times. Having said that and being a UCW veteran myself, I’m very disappointed at what it has turned to. The people that did appreciate this company’s history have been shunned in favor of new blood that takes it for granted. You have no respect for this company’s past or present and it makes me sick, Frostbite.
He stands up and walks towards the far end of the garage. He grabs his two Cruiserweight of the Year trophies and inspects them as if it were a newborn child. He then turns around and shows the name plates to him.
Eric: If that makes me conceited, so be it. It’s not a sin to be proud of who you are and where you came from. What is it with this pathetic world? Each time you’re proud, they think you have an ego. I’m willing to bet there’s a fair share of times where you sit in your house and look back at your ICWF championships in pride of how far you’ve come. Does that make you egotistical or a bad human being? No, then again I could care less what you’re like as a human being. All I care about is Frostbite the competitor. In the end, all of us have something to be proud of. You have gone on record as stating your proud of those days when you became a grand slam champion and won that title four or so times. What makes me any different? Just because I’m your opponent? Bullshit! I’m not afraid to walk out and say I’ve the perennial underdog ever since I first laced up a pair of boots. I entered this business at a mere 180 pounds and went on to amass a plethora of championships. I walked up to people triple my size and whooped their ass in record pace. If you were in my shoes, you would be proud too, Frostbite. But let’s face it, that championship has corrupted you. You place yourself in a pedestal that you’re not worthy of...
He places the trophies down on their original spot and turns back to the camera.
Eric: We all know you have talent, Frostbite, or else that contract would have never happened. Every one of us has talent, but that doesn’t mean we don’t pay our dues. Despite all the wars I’ve been involved in, I’ve always taken time to shake my opponent’s hand and give him the credit he deserves. I don’t proclaim myself to be the best, I’ve fucking proven it. Until someone cleanly pins my shoulders to the mat, I will continue to be the benchmark of excellence this company has to offer. Take a look at my history, unless you’re a lazy piece of shit. Everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve ended up winning gold. Even the places where I used to lose a lot, I always came back to gain my revenge. Just this past year alone, I made a return to HVW and FTWO winning four titles in one year. I practically stole the Comeback of the Year award, boy, and to think I’m not even halfway done yet. Those bastards kept saying that I was a jobber, that I would never evolved from my prior stage. After three years away, I proved them all wrong. In one fell swoop, I made history and shocked the world by gaining pin falls over every single champion in the company, INCLUDING the defending world champion.

He crosses his arms on his chest and grins.

Eric: Let’s face facts, Frostbite... you have a long way to go before you can call yourself a champion. That promo ruined any chances of credibility. Now, even your own partner won’t want anything to do with you, I’d hate to be in your shoes. Hell, you can’t even bother to get your fucking facts right! It’s not because of Sickle that I’m a hardcore messiah... Pay attention, I’ve been wrestling since I was FIFTEEN! I didn’t meet Sickle till the year 2007 when I was TWENTY TWO! By the time we met, I had already wrestled seven years professionally. I had already established myself as the Hardcore Messiah long before Sickle knew who I am. But keep embarrassing yourself, Frostbite; it will only make the sand travel farther... then and only then will we have a worthy champion as you get lost in the quicksand that’s become a trademark of my home desert.

He turns towards the pool table and sinks some balls in rather nonchalantly before turning back to smirk at the camera.

Eric: It doesn’t matter to me if you believe my message or not, Frostbite. I’m not here to cater to a particular person. I’m here for priority number one and that’s how it’s going to remain. Even if I wasn’t on Sickle’s side, I would still aim for your throat. Why? Because I believe that a championship should be earned, not handed on a silver platter. I care about this company’s history and I want it to be represented by the proper guy. If you go on to pin me and Dave, then bravo, I will accept it and move the fuck on. But until that event happens, you’re a leech that needs to be removed by any means necessary and I’m sure your partner Marty will agree with me. Without us, UCW would be nonexistent. You and Mr. Hendrickson are the cancers of this business. You’re complacent... You don’t bother to appreciate the ones that came before you. You look down at us from your throne rather than acknowledging that we’re not peasants, we’re UCW veterans while you’re the only newbie in the match.

The racks the balls up in a triangle with the one ball separated on its own then tells the camera to zoom in.

Eric: You see, Frostbite, it’s like this... just like this ball right here, you have just as much potential as anyone to knock us out because we’re not perfect. But that don’t mean you have a big advantage over us, because the numbers will still come into play. The ones you didn’t knock out will attack you for underestimating them. UCW has been around nearly a decade, Frostbite, there’s more veterans than you could even imagine. Imagine what Marty is going to think when you trash the place he called home for a very long time. Imagine what Dave is going to think since he has been involved in the world title scene numerous times before even in this company’s early days. Would Marty Donovan, the man that dethroned the longest reigning UCW World Champion, appreciate your words? His battles against Lawson and Deal will prove that you’re not worthy of all that hype, Frostbite, and I’m going to prove it here tonight. As Alter Bridge once said... Watch your words or your words might drown you. You’re drowning in your own self worship, Frostbite, it’s only going to get worse from here on out.

His laughter is the last thing we hear as the scene fades to black.

May. 14th, 2010


Update, Long Overdue

Wow, I totally forgot about this account. Lol It’s amazing how much can change in a year. When I last touched this account I was on top of the world. I had people surrounding me at every turn. Now, I can only count on one hand or close to it how many are left. I guess it’s part of life really, even though I refuse to hold any grudges against people. Call it my family being Catholic or me just being an overall outgoing person, who knows. All I know is that the past year has been pure hell. From my aunt and uncle dying back to back from cancer, my mom having to sit out an entire year due to a botched surgery, to half my inner circle betraying me. A lot of places I used to call home went on to kick me out in humiliating fashion. Everywhere I go, I’m starting over in some form.

Some things never change I guess you could say. Each time I end up getting some portion of good news something bad accompanies it. Regardless, I’m thankful for the few friends that have stuck around. Bondic, Immune, Ken Nogueira, Star, Packer, and April really came in the clutch when I didn’t feel like talking to anyone. After losing the two I considered to be my mother and father… Damn, it’s a miracle I’m even alive. That hit me hardcore. I want everyone that’s reading this to know that I wasn’t doing this to ignore you when I got quiet. It was because I was still dealing with the after effects. Several people got offended by my silence and quiet frankly I don’t blame them. I hope someday I’m able to make up for it though. That period of time drew me to the edge of insanity. I felt like I was losing my mind… I felt like I could hear them talking, walking, the whole nine yards. It was hard for me to accept the fact they are really gone.

Despite all that, I did have one light at the end of the tunnel. My mom finally got over it and has now started to be active. It’s been very liberating to finally have some activity in the house along with my nieces coming back. There was so much negativity posted in these blogs, but it’s the honest to god truth. Say what you want, but I’m ready to enjoy life for what it is, while it lasts. It’s taught me to not place so much trust on people because they’re not going to last long. I leave the door open for in case chroniclewings and Sutoraifu still want to talk to me, but I’m not dependent on it. I know life changes and it wasn’t because of something bad. I thank them for their contributions and hope someday we could meet.

For now, I just wanted to say this is the happiest stage I’ve ever been in because now the people that talk to me aren’t hypocrites. Now, I’m not biting my tongue and enduring a beating like in the past. It’s relieving to enjoy what you’re doing rather than walk away to another set of tears. That relief has shined in my overall writing as I have finally started to place more emphasis on it than before. I have finally started jotting down chapters by hand rather than posting a rant and calling it a day. I hope to use this blog some day to store RP’s. That way I can share with the rest of the ones that still stood beside me how much things truly have changed. For now, here’s to hoping things keep going smoothly.

Dec. 20th, 2008


Whats up

Seems like I forgot about this for a while. Haven't had that much new stuff happen to me outside of reinstalling Halo. E-fedding took a lot of my spare time, with EWZ closing down I'll be fully dedicated to it regardless of what anyone on MSN says...yes this means you, Craig, Mame can wait.

Ever since giving up gaming I got a lot better at writing and my work finally started getting better feedback. I encourage any of you non-efedders to take a look, you'd be impressed with what I can invent when I have spare time. I find it a lot more fun to post roleplays and matches than to play video games because in video games your work is most of the time in vain...no one else is there to tell you if you've gotten better or worse. In E-fedding you get feedback everytime you post a roleplay or match, example being the Writers Corner in SWA.

So if I go silent on you, it's most likely because I'm roleplaying. Match writing is mainly on Tuesday's and Saturday's when Edge and Aggression assignments are handed out. I stopped writing everywhere else as far as matches go to make room for SWA. I feel like this place is really laid back, the most drama-free environment I've EVER encountered in my 3 years of writing. (It'll be 4 in March, debuted in March 2005.) Any bashes will be ignored because to be honest I'd rather be a "nerd" than sit there all day on MSN doing nothing. I'm being productive and that's all that really matters, later. If you want more info find me at www.skyfallwrestling.com/forums/index.php under either Jay Williams, Eric Herrera, Veronica Rodriguez, or Hector Venegas (Collectively known as Society of Destruction).

Feb. 9th, 2008


New Hobby

So I guess a lot of you guys have been wondering where I have been, and rightfully so since at the time when I first came back from vacation I never imagined I would end up liking this. In fact, prior to vacation I used to hate doing this and dreaded. But it took something drastic to happen in order for me to get used to it. Around December or November Bondic, the root admin at the main e-fed I am Creative Control at, got a job with a lot more hours than his past jobs. To the point where I wouldn't see him online until practically 11pm the earliest. Sometimes even not getting on until 1.

So that in effect increased my work load and made me do a lot of things I wasn't really comfortable doing at first. And that included my new hobby, which many might be shocked at me mentioning, writing. *Waits for jaws to drop* Before I used to suck at it and hated not being able to visualize it correctly. But it turns out I gave up a little bit too early. When I attempted to come back for the second time, it was out of necessity at first.

A lot of the people that used to write in my forum were all taking LOA's (Leave Of Absence) which left a huge load of QR's (Quick Result) on the show. I didn't know what to do about it at first since I absolutely detested it. But it was either write even if it's short, or face the humiliation of people bitching about having a bad staff. So I gave it a try even though a lot of the moves I still didn't know what the heck they were. But thankfully I had a lot of writers that couldn't write anymore give me advice on where to dig up information about what they are, and information about ring psychology, which helped me a lot.

Like my last 2 to 3 matches people have given me a lot of positive feedback on. I never really thought I would end up doing this for fun out of all things but it's really happening. And it gets pretty time consuming in the process too. But it's better than playing Smackdown vs Raw 2005 - 2008 all day. Gives me something to eat up a lot of hours with while being productive in the process. Once you get used to it, it doesn't really look like you wrote as much as you really did. Like when I told people that the match I wrote for UHW for the 12 of February was probably going to be my longest at almost 28 minutes long a lot of my inner circle of friends said holy shit considering that earlier to that I had trouble writing a 7 minute squash, let alone a 27 minute match.

But it happened, and a lot of my staff that read it before it even gets posted on the show gave me great feedback telling me I had grown a lot as a match writer. Which really made me feel great inside knowing I had finally found something productive. Even as a video gamer, I can't really say I'm as happy as right now, because as a gamer only I was able to see the production and not others on a consist basis. There was not one guy that could track my games and go you're improving, you're falling again, etc. Whereas with writing, I constantly get brutally honest feedback and people actually keep track of it and it helps me grow as a writer.

And it's helped my roleplays too since when I started writing more, I got used to always writing and it felt like the creative juices flowed more. I felt like when I was writing matches I was in my zone, it was where everything that was in my head that I had imagined the federation to be since day one, finally were brought to life. Like if I was playing General Manager Mode on Smackdown vs Raw 2006 and 2007.

Once I started writing more matches, it showed in roleplays quick. I was able to write way longer roleplays, I didn't run out of ideas as quick as my mind felt like it was used to it. It's like when you're learning how to be on the computer for the first time, the more you use it the less you have to look at the keys to the point where like me you're typing 60 something words per minute without looking at the darn keyboard because of how used you are to it.

Same thing with my roleplays, my mind was already used to coming up with concepts for match writing, that when it came to a roleplay, it felt like a piece of cake for first time in a very long time. People were saying I had improved as a roleplayer too but I found it hard to believe I was doing something different. Once I got more into match writing, I had more material to work with and my mind was clicking on all cylinders. And that was a great feeling to have. When I was recharged I began to develop off screen characters for Jay, the guy I am hoping can become my primary some day, and I had a lot more ideas of how to make Jay look like he has grown into his own and had stopped depending on Eric for a lot of things.

Writing became fun again thanks to something that was unintentional. Now, even if Bondic gets a shorter length job, it will be damn hard to snap out of this habit since I'm already too used to it. To when I see a card and no one taking the match by the very last day, I can't freaking stop taking the match, but in a way I've become more dependable too. Before I'd say I'll take 1 vs 2 and have so much trouble writing it than in the end it'd be like I'd literally be throwing 10 rejected ideas (by myself the harder part, I'd be too darn hard on myself) and restart over and over and over to by the time the deadline comes my head hurts and I'm back to square one on the 1st paragraph. Now its like, with the way I've been writing, I've been able to have the match in a week early, and then take another one.

Before that was damn near impossible for me to do with all my writers block. Now, it's like a cinch. Where this gets to the purpose of this journal is that this has become so time consuming that I have unintentionally missed IM's on MSN from how concentrated I am on turning in those matches on time. I ask that a lot of you don't be offended if I go quiet on a lot of you guys. Sometimes there are times where I don't notice the darn MSN thing blinking until I have written nearly a page to two pages worth of the match because of how into it I get. Don't think I'm ignoring you in any way. I've just finally found a hobby that I enjoy and that is productive for once.

Gaming wasn't really productive because I wasn't really helping anyone. With writing I feel like I'm being productive while being given credit and brutal honesty in the process. Makes me feel useful for once to a forum instead of just be there for a tie-breaker vote or to give feedback and day over.

I honestly don't think I'll be able to go back into gaming until maybe the weekends at most and that's it. Outside of that I don't think I'll be able to be online as much on Halo, Gunbound, and the other stuff I used to play. I'm giving it up to be more productive to my forum and to my own staff. I've been a dead weight to everyone for too long and want to do something productive. So if any of you are wondering where I am I'll be writing a match. Leave a message but don't be offended if I don't reply to you quickly. Instead I want you to respect me the same as you would before. It's going to be worth the wait, trust me.

As far as my other interests go, I guess I'd end up reading manga once a month or something. But not as often as before. Writing has been a hobby that has been like a perfect match. It helps eat up the day while being productive at the same time. And I don't think I'd be willing to give it up as easily. So to all that are offended I'm sorry but I'm not even going to think of giving this up for a while. If you badly need me, I guess PM me at UHW or PWC since I got accepted back after half a year of serving my punishment so to speak. Or you can PM me at GWL too.

But my main priorities are going to be GWL and UHW without a doubt. They're both federations that are really close to me and I don't want them to die. PWC I mostly do last minute writing when I don't see people taking them, or when I know I have two weeks to write it instead of rush hour. Hopefully this answered a lot of your questions. Don't hate me after you find out why. Until then, I'll be seeing you guys later. If you need anything, here is where I hang out the most. Feel free to click and read my matches and give me feedback if you wish.

Jan. 9th, 2008


Winter Vacation

Just got back from Winter Vacation at 2 pm on the 8th. I was supposed to come at 8pm to Phoenix with some time to spare to chat with my old landlord's family but I ended up getting there at 11 due to the delay of thunder storms in Chicago. So I just had time to go to bed, wake up at 6:30 and straight to the bus. In that time that I spent there I got to meet two new nephews of mine and to meet my brother in law, Rogelio. Yandel and Jaylen were very fun to play with. Jaylen by the third day got to know me where as Yandel was slower, as in by the time the final week was rolling around he finally started liking me and having his shy spell go away. While there I got to meet a aunt of mine from my grandma's side I had never met, Tona. And also got to speak to my dad's side of the family for first time since I was nine and spoke to my dad over the phone for first time in  like 20 years. It pretty much was loaded with surprises that I didn't think would be waiting for me there.

In the summer Im coming back for at least another month, I'm hoping 3 since the kids have school, if not I'll stay a month there, a month in Arizona and then back to California. Since I don't really feel like spending summer at my house. This time my mom's coming with me since she needs to meet them too. I don't regret it one bit. I had fun being a babysitter. To the point where by the end of the month I didn't even realize we still had no internet. Don't get me wrong, internet is fun but I was happy to just be useful to someone for once. Since in California it felt like I was just here waiting to await my death. I only came to California to save my brother from being in gangs as a little kid when I was 9. But now that he is 30 and grown up, its like I no longer feel there is  a reason for me to be here. Its like Whats the point of staying here if my mission failed with him still not being able to support himself on his own.

My sister is the complete opposite of him. Big house, 4 kids, high paying job, great looking cars. I'm proud to call her my sister after seeing how far she has moved up from when we left and she was living in the basement of our house in Chicago. Now she is in Romeoville working in a dentist's office. I think she's a secretary or however its called over there since she's usually the one that answers the phone first. Now I just can't wait to try and get a job here with my friend that my mom introduced me to, Fernando. If the plan we have of starting a business together goes good, I may be able to finally get my license and feel like I serve a purpose to someone for once. Even though I didn't work in Romeoville, I still felt I was useful by at least babysitting. Hopefully I can stay longer next time. Until then, I guess its time to find something else to take up my time.

Nov. 29th, 2007


Gaming Side Returns

This past week my head admin above me in UHW returned so that means less work for me to do. Plus with the new system they got installed I guess that means a abundance of free time I didn't have in the past. Which means it gave me more time to role play and also more time to actually be able to post in forums I left in order to prove I was dedicated to what my new job was supposed to be. I'm glad that the worst is over since that tenure as co head booker was a bitch to learn. I had never done that type of role before. Now that the hard part is over with I have returned to CoolRom and have also returned to gaming at least for a little bit as far as emulation goes. Been playing Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men vs Street Fighter, Street Fighter Alpha 3, and Halo Combat Evolved. Even though I am not going to be going back to playing an absurd amount of hours. I am looking for that balance you know. I will still play when people ask me but there will be times where I will brush one side to the side until I find that even split in the day. Even if it means giving em each 3 hours, giving em each 6 hours, whatever. I have also been reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Naruto, and thinking of restarting on Rurouni Kenshin. So it is basically split three ways between Manga, Online Gaming, E-Fedding. Speaking of E-Fedding, I have signed Scott Stonewall/Sickle to be my trainer when it comes to role playing. The results have been positive as I have gotten a lot of positive comments saying that I have stepped up my game when I can't really take all the credit for that. Scott did to me the equivalent of what Triple H did for Ric Flair. Found me on the side retired, a shadow of my old self, beaten down to the point where I was about to give it all up. He dusted me off, showed me I can still go at it with the best of them, and proved to me that there was a lot left to do in order to leave in the proper way.

And after a long time of getting sucked into this whole routine of letting the Internet take a large portion of my day I have accepted a offer from my mom to spend the holidays at Chicago with my nephews. I will finally get to meet my two youngest that were born after my sister moved back. Its better than spending the winter alone here. Took advantage of having money for first time in a while to spend it away from home. In my home away from home. I wish I could stay to live over there but you can't always get what you want. Here I feel like I have wasted away my opportunities as far as getting a job goes. I'm tired of being unemployed for 2 years when I know deep down that I deserve better than that. I'm not the type to get all emo and say I'm not worth anything. I have a high self esteem of myself after having studied how to fix computer for the past six years on and off. To me computers is my passion and I wouldn't trade it in for nothing. I'm at the end of my rope where I don't know whether to move out to another state or actually stay here and keep going at it. Its depressed me that no matter what effort I put in I'm not accepted yet again. Not sure if its a United States wide problem or if it's just that my county is shit.

With all the free time that comes of not having a job I have tried to spend more time developing my Jay Williams character into something more than just a tag team wrestler. With Eric it feels like there is no where else I could take him. Once you've done it all with one certain character its only a matter of time before you get tired and toss him to the trash since I'm running out of material with him. Whereas with Jay I feel more creativity because he is fresh, has a motivation and actually has yet to do anything on his own. So that to me gives me more motivation to want to switch Jay to being my primary character and giving him a life of his own. Which explains me creating a past for him of growing up in La Grange, Texas. It was suggested to me by Scott so I just ran with the idea and saw how it would go. I hope you all like what I convert him into while I will have my share of haters because of the stereotypes given to the southern part of the United States. So with the gaming side comes me developing Jay more and also having more time to develop Eric as well. With me no longer being a solo booker, opens up doors for me to be able to return to my roots without any problems. If you don't see me on MSN Messenger after today its because of that previously mentioned vacation to Chicago. All depends on if my sister has internet. If she does, I will get on from her house while the kids are at school. If not, then I guess see you on January 6th, 2007.

Nov. 9th, 2007


Getting My Groove Back

So I guess you are wondering why you haven't heard from me in a bit. I kind of forgot about this for a while since for the first time in a long time e-fedding was fun for me again. There was a time where I felt like e-fedding was a job to me and I had a lot of things to do. Including being a booker for the first time and learning the hard way when half of the staff was on LOA. Now that I have a official booking team helping take a big load off of me it is fun once again. I spend less times thinking of storylines and more time enjoying myself and giving myself more time to think of RP's to post in several feds. After a period of time in which I just kept myself to just UHW and TWI I expanded to other feds when Bondic gave me the thumbs up saying I was back to where I was before. So at instant he gave me the thumbs up I signed up to ECWF, PWO, and SWA. Can't say I regret it as it has helped me as far as getting Jay to grow from a tag team specialist to being seen as a singles threat. Once I get the thumbs up from them, I will get the storyline put into action in UHW as well. First I want to get a grip on what Jay is about before bringing him as a singles threat to the big leagues.

I appreciate the help I have been receiving from Iron Man and Crystal in this process. When others would be berating me about bringing in the other half to tag once again these two have had patience with me in their respective feds and allowed me to develop them as individual entities and stray from past accomplishments. In other words, I want to start clean as if I never won the World Titles or the Tag Team Titles or any other titles for that matter. Ever since being deleted from Pro Wrestling Central I have added back a lot of the old friends I had there despite me showing no interest in wanting to sign a contract with them again. Its not about having anger issues. I would rather move on and learn from what happened than committing the same mistake twice. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

To make up for leaving Pro Wrestling Central I have volunteered to increase my own work load as far as writing segments and writing role plays goes at my respective feds go. Right now I am in 4 feds and don't plan on joining another. I have them evenly split in which I have 2 for Jay to be alone in, 1 for Eric to be alone in, and 1 for Eric and Jay to be a tag team. That way I can continue working on being a tag team role player while improving as a singles competitor in the process. Killing two birds with one stone as they say. I would like to thank Kovu for the inspiration that I should work on making them better as singles competitors instead of focusing on tag team all the time, was inspired by what he did with Nature's Rage. This has helped increase motivation in role plays for me. I have left gaming and comics for now since I would really like to concentrate on being a better role player. I am dead serious about this and am dedicating most of my free time to getting better. As a saying goes, you are never the best, you can only get better.

My motivation is to prove everyone wrong that thought me leaving Pro Wrestling Central was my worst mistake to date. I don't regret it one bit. It helped me grow and become a better role player as had it not been for the deletion I would have been stuck as a mid carder for the rest of my e-fedding career. By leaving I have allowed myself to grow and broken the glass ceiling. As one door closes another opens. To me the only home I have now is UHW Inc. The deletion showed me what real friends are. Real friends won't let a dispute off the boards motivate them to delete your account. And real friends will accept you for who you are even if you have many faults. They didn't. UHW accepted me with open arms when everyone was tossing stones at me from all directions. If asked to make the same decision again I would do it with eyes closed. Bondic and Kovu have helped me grow as a role player and as a member of creative control when many bashed me and told me I wasn't fit to ever be CC. Who has the last laugh now, boys. Me, 3 years strong and still going. UHW is growing, going on 3 years, even after the 1st year when people gave us a year to live, we proved them wrong. UHW is here to stay. Until then, this is the Sensational Eric Herrera signing out.

Oct. 8th, 2007


Baseball Playoffs, Coming Back To Booker

Greetings yet again. Barely in with the weekly update. This week nearly slipped my mind, barely remembered, then I guess it'll be on Monday next week to keep up the weekly trend. lol. Baseball Playoffs are upon us and what a late birthday present I got as both my teams made the playoffs in the same year. That's a rarity. Although it was short for the Angels as they got swept out of the playoffs. I was so surprised after watching a whole different side of them throughout the year. But I guess the injury bug cost us yet again. With half the lineup having suffered injuries throughout the year what else could I expect. Got to tip my cap to the Red Sox as they gave us quite a beating and the better team won and I ain't the type to stoop to lame put downs.

Manny Ramirez shocked the fuck out of me after being quiet most of the first game. Then he comes back and hits a home run to win it in Game 2 all to hit yet another in Game 3. So much for that injury the broadcasters kept hollering about. Oh well, hopefully next year we have less injuries. While on the National League side, my Dbacks swept the Cubbies. The toughest series to pick for me really since I have a soft spot for the city of Chicago, I was born and raised there so to me I knew at the end of this series I was going to hurt one way or another, two cities I consider my second home away from home. On the flip side, I am very excited about the Dbacks and cant wait till I go to Phoenix again and watch them in person.

Watching both my teams make the playoffs gives me a lot of happiness because I feel like my patience of rooting them even through the hard times has paid off. After being a fan of both since 1998, when I basically started watching baseball, the back to back World Series to me was the greatest moment I could ever ask for. In a week in which the Dbacks sweep the Cubbies and Randy Orton is two time World Champ, what more can I honestly ask for? Its like I'm still trying to wake up in that in one week two of my favorites win some type of championship. And no I'm not a RKO bandwagonner, liked him since around 03 when I first came back to wrestling. And I really think it wont be his last title. This kids got it. No doubt about it.

Now that I got those two out of the way, its time for my weekly e-fed update. I have resumed duties as co booker again. Thanks so much to Kovu Rex for filling in for me in my time off. I knew that I could count on you. And coming back to seeing the fed still be in top shape makes me not regret the move as you have stepped up to a level I never thought you would. You have evolved from a tag team booker to a great overall booker and for that I am very proud of you. Keep up the good work. Shout out going to Merrill, hopefully you are able to get your life back in shape. Your break from e-feds was well deserved and a long time coming. Since a month ago I felt the same way as you and that break was like a refreshing moment. Brought back sparks of creativity.

And I would also like to welcome back Harpuia to e-fedding. Hopefully your rest had its positives. You know that if you need me Ill be there to help whether it be voting or posting segments. Unfortunately I wont be able to contribute in writing matches for a long time. When writing matches I still get them headaches whereas with segments and RP's I'm back to being as close to back on top as Ive ever been. Kovu and Ryder both gave me a run for my money in tag team competitions and made me wish I had tried out tag team competition when I first started instead of going straight into singles, but what can you do, ey? Whats done is done and there's nothing I can do about it. That about does it for this week. Hopefully next week I have more to talk about. Peace out.

Sep. 30th, 2007


Time Off, Reason For Extended Offline Period

Been a while since I touched this thing. Didn't mean to forget any of you. For about a month was stuck without my laptop after one of the techs at Gateway forgot to put in the monitor screws correctly. They put some that were 2 sizes too big thinking it was going to hold. But it didn't. The screen fell and broke 5 parts back to back. Which called for them to say it needed to be refurbished (in other words reconstructed). So I had to wait a month for them to rebuild my computer and bring it back like new. Everything got reconstructed. In that time off I was stuck on my moms computer only being able to use it for an hour or two a day. Which left pretty little for me to do as I left my notice in e-feds that I wanted to take a Leave Of Absence for a month while this gets settled. While that happened I went to Staples and bought a Laptop Cooler so that I would no longer be pissing off any of my gaming buds with the laptop turning off in middle of games.

During that month I struggled to find things to do to replace it. So I was mostly stuck playing PS2 all day or doing even more chores since I walked up to mom and said give me something to do, anything, even if I don't like it, I just don't want to be at home all day staring at the wall and risking depression. So she took me out to pay bills, go eat out with friends I hadn't seen in months, catch up with my brother I hadn't seen in over 7 months, and help convince my mom to go back to therapy. She was able to walk for first time in 18 years on braces and a walker so it felt really rewarding that I chose a right time to take time off even though it wasn't intentional. Just the irony of the timing of the laptop mishap is kind of funny looking at it from far away.

This in turn helped not only in real life but in the internet as my quality of my roleplays shot way up like if the cause for it was burnout. My first promo back on the internet at PWP got a surprising response from staff and my peers as they thought it was one of my best promos to date. It was the first time since the Blood Reign vs Eric Herrera days that I didn't struggle to write a promo. It flowed and for once I felt in my head like if I was refreshed. Like it flowed right out without over thinking it. My 2nd promo back, one for the tag match I have in TWI vs Nature's Rage, got an equally surprising response from staff and my peers further confirming what I believed to be the cause of it. I was burnt out both inside and out. For the first time in a long time I had more ideas for both CC and my characters as at instant of coming back I suggested like 3 feud ideas that I had not thought about during my burn out days. I felt more useful for once than when I would overuse the term I don't know.

When I will end up returning to gaming has yet to be seen since at the moment I feel content with actually helping my fed get to places it has yet to be at. I am very happy with the state of Ultimate Havoc Wrestling Inc and seeing the fruits of my hard work pay off as all of my students that I took under my wing in my days as a mentor are enjoying successful careers in the above mentioned fed. Dante Leonhart, Static Xavier, Daniel Gafet, Kid Lightning, Rache Drakken, Eligoor Oslund are all enjoying successful careers after the amount of confidence I had in them in suggesting their names to be used in higher quality feuds. Next on the list is most likely Iron Man Calvin St James since I am really enjoying his character and what he can bring to the table. I am hoping I can find something for him to do since I don't want that type of talent to go to waste.

So I guess you can say I went from being the man with the last word to the mentor, the Hardcore Holly role I guess you can say. I am content with the direction of my career and having been selected as having a mentor role in the fed because quite frankly I do not feel like there is anything left for me to do that I would regret not doing. I have been successful at every level of e-feds including WWE and original character e-feds. Been a champion at every level on the card there can possibly be. At the moment I am only sticking around to help the fed since right now we have a very low amount of credible main eventers. Plus the fact that I believe I still have some years in the tank left to pass on down to the younger e-fed participants that just started. I really want to make sure that I leave on a strong mark and by passing on what I know to people like Iron Man Calvin St James and Travis Daniels I feel I have fulfilled my purpose and can walk away without a regret. Until next time this has been Eric Herrera signing out.

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